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Aug. 20th, 2009

Chapel today was extremely thought-provoking, or maybe its because the mood I was in. Anyway, It managed to make me feel better, somewhat...The song, "I Would Die for You" is very beautiful.
Sometimes things just aren't meant to happen, no matter how high the hopes are. I can only be glad that I found out sooner rather than later. At least I can stop myself from falling in deeper. Do I really seem like the sort of person to go around telling other people's secrets? 
On a random note: I still feel like buying Sea Monkeys but the only places I know which sell them are either too far or unknown to me. =X Shall check the map after Prelims...


Spent almost the entire day outside even though I told myself that I would study. =.=

Went fo lunch at Jurong Point Swensen's then went to watch Land of the Lost. OMG!!! I should have protested violently when they said going to watch. It's the WORST movie I ever watched in my ENTIRE life! I'm not exxagerating.

Lousy script  + Terrible acting + Extremely flawed storyline + Horrible CG effects. HIGH probability of a having an extremly bad director. There are so many lewd moments which is probably their attempt at being funny. They failed horribly. There's absolutely no logic behind so many parts of the movie. And maybe they tried to make it unpredictable but I found that I could already guess what would happen next. This is the first time in my entire life not wanting to watch a movie until the end. I can't remember a movie I watched that was this bad. I'm very happy to say that I wasn't the one with the bad taste to actually want to go watch this stupid show. DO NOT WATCH THIS MOVIE!!!


Breakfast people's outing! Haha. Went for tim sum buffet with the before-co-breakfast people: jason, gres, boon, the two jeremies, kang tai and zhi wen.

Confirm ate my money's worth cuz it was 3 meals in 1. =.= Skipped breakfast and went there for brunch. Then ate until too full for dinner. Gonna gain so much weight. =X

I'm super impressed by the appetities of some people. Jason didn't let me down and ate quite a bit. Haha.. Gres was a big BIG surprise. Didn't know she could eat so much. Ordered 4 baskets of xiao long bao by herself and was still looking for more at the end of it. O.O Haha.

Our first order. =) Settled the steamed section.

Our second order sheet. Haha. The fried section mostly thins time, plus gres' xiao long bao. XD

Our third orders. I think we were beginning to scare the staff there. Look at the top right hand corner, the circled section asking us not to waste food. Funny thing is that none of the plates (except some spicy meat dumpling) were cleared in more than 5 minutes. O.o

I think the more extremes ones were the 6 baskets of xiao long bao, 11 bowls of dessert, 8 bowls of porridge (eaten only by 5 people), 5 baskets of bao (including the curry one). =.=

Final count: 72 units (yup, definately got our money back)

I think there may be a poster outside the place tmr banning the 8 of us from entering again...=.=

Let there be life!

Okay. Dead journal. Do my best to pump life back into it...hopefully.

BTs finally over! Okay...that was like 2 weeks ago...I'm just a bit lag only. I have a total of 57.777 rank points currently! YAY! And there is a possible chance of it going up if GP is being moderated. =D I probably shouldn't be so happy about this since almost everything has been moderated so its not really a true reflective of my true grades. But, I'm just happy I passed everything. =P

Everyone's temper seems to be especially bad lately. They get so impatient and worked up so easily nowadays. I think mine's the same...haiz... I'm really sorry if I've vented my frustrations on anyone or acted really moody about everything. My temper has always been exceptionally bad so please forgive me. I'll work harder on controlling it. =l

Haiz...the timetable sucks. Stupid odd even week. Stupid academic planner. Stupid extra maths lecture. I'm too used ending school before 4, please. Now everyday at least 6.30 then can leave. =( Haiz....I better study harder and improve on BT2 so at least dun have to go for math lecture. =.= But let me break out of this stupid slacking period I'm so deeply stuck in.

Random: Hair finally long enough to tie french braids! =D
I'm sorry but I'm really not into PDA. Please let me be the one to initiate things...
To D: All I can really say is that I am sorry.

Bts....haiz...been spending the past few days just piah-ing chem and a tiny little bit of maths. My brain seems to be full of holes. I read to the next five pages and realise I cannot remember what's in the first five...haiz....nothing seems to be retained in my head except for a single word: GG-fied....

Took a break and found out Marie Digby released a Japanese album like 2 days ago in Japan. Shall go hunting for it soon...after BTs...hopefully....haiz....I think I'm gonna grow fat....wait, I just know it....Bought a 1.5 litre tub of ice-cream and ate it while studying. By myself....GG. Ate so super much lar. I think my diet would grow after BT when my stomach gets used to this volume of food. =.=

I think I'm just gonna fail econs. Totally no time lar. After chem by the time reach home is 5 already. How to finish studying?!

Order of naming by functional group: Acid>aldehyde, ketone>alcohol>alkyne>alkene>alkane

Test for alcohol:

(1)Add ethanoic acid with concentrated sulphuric acid and heat. Sweet smelling compound produced. (Wonder why they define as sweet-smelling. It's kinda subjective...)

(2)Add PCl5. White fumes of HCl produced.

Free Radical Substitution:

(1)Initiation- Formation of free radicals. (My stomach feels kinda weird...maybe ice-cream and spagetti and subway don't agree with each other. I'm inclined to think that its just the first two. Shall go drink salt water now. It helped th last time.)

In the presence of U.V light or heat, Halogen molecules undergo homolytic fission to form free radicals.

(2) Propagation

The halogen free radicals abstracts a proton(H) from a (whatever is there) to form H(halogen) and a (whatever is there) free radical. This new radical then abstracts a halogen atom from a nearby halogen molecule to form a (Whatever is there)(halogen).

(3) Termination

Self-explanatary. All react together til no more radical.

Bad point about FRS: Mixture of products formed.

[At least I know something about organics]

Explanation for strength of acid

(Polarity of O-H bond)

A attached to EWG. EWG makes O-H bond more polar as compared to B. O-H bond in A weaker and easier to break. Therefore, A stronger acid.

(Stability of conjugate base)

EWG attached to A. C.B. of A more stable as less likely to attract back H(plus). Therefore, A stonger acid than B.

Explanation for basicity

(Availability of lone pair)

Lone pair on A less available as A has a EWG/lone pair delocalised into benzene ring. Therefore, B stronger base.

(Stability of conjugate acid)

A more unstable due to delocalisation of electrons into benzene ring. B stonger.

Tollen's Solution produces silver mirror with aldehydes and methanoic acid.

Fehling's solution only reacts with aliphatic aldehydes.

Nucleophilic addition

HCN with carbonyl. Add trace NaCN as a catalyst.

NaCN ----> Na(plus)  and CN(minus)

CN attaches to the carbonyl to form a tetrahedral intermediate. (pi) bond between O and C breaks. New (sigma) bond forms between C and CN. Molecule then protonated by nearby HCN and CN regenerated.

Phenol can only undergo esterification with acid chloride.

Distinguish between phenol and alcohol by adding acidified KMnO4 and heat. Phenol no reaction and alcohol decolourises KMnO4 from purple to colourless.

Distinguish carboxylic acid and phenol by adding Na2CO3. Carboxylic acid produces CO2 gas while phenol no reaction.

haiz....really GG liaoz...

Haven't logged on in so long and the first thing I see when I come on is that my account have been hacked. =.=

Lucky the only thing that seems wrong is that my DP is changed and my Safari browser is having a bit of a hanging problem. Everything else is fine other than that. Lucky I still have Internet Explorer. Deleted the unknown userpic that I've never seen before.

Ah well, going new year visiting now!

Today is a good good good good good day! =D Well, except for MSAs but that's beside the point which is the fact that today is a good good good good good day! =D (I'm starting to realise why Shan said I'm high today.)

Anw, good day started after school when I went to pass the pineapple tarts to Jennifer. Haven't seen her since the 9th. XD

Then headed over to Taka to buy some art supplies and visit people. I know Wei Ming is off today but I was hoping today's Andrew stationed at the Jura counter. But alas! It was Alex. Saw him talking to another guy who looked like Jerome so I made a bit of a U-turn to look for Elaine cuz didn't want to go disturb them. Sadly, Elaine was having her break.

I almost decided to come back later after I went to Art Friends. I was walking out already too. I'm so super glad that I went back in the end. When I was walking back, I realised that the guy Alex was talking to wasn't Jerome but I still didn't want to interupt them although I'm sure, knowing Alex, they're probably talking crap. So I went by the back to visit the Delonghi counter.

And...I was extremely, pleasantly surprised to see Kelvin there. =D Haven't seen him in almost two and a half weeks. Was great to see him again. Imagine the timing. He hardly goes to Taka once a week. Then I go on the day he goes. On top of that, at the same time he is there.First thing he asked me was, "Zuo mou you kong xia lai guang ah?" =.= Reason being, he remember that I had tests when school re-opens. Shock shock. He sometimes so blur also can remember. I like only mentioned it to him in passing.

We talked about all the random things. From how lousy my MSAs are gonna be, how 'qiao' things can be (my cousin worked in Delonghi too and was also under him for a rather short period of time. Feyong and Guo Hua's cousin also in same company.) He asked me, "Ni zi shi hai you jia qi." When I blur blur told him June, he said that most likely that one cannot come back work cuz of As and everything. Haha. Now I know I confirm can find temporary job after As. =D We started talking about public holidays during the year. Then I random random ask him how come his hair so flat again. He joking joking say sales bad then flat. Sales good then spike. Lol. Can like that one ah.

He so funny lor. When we were on the school activities topic, he started talking about bringing back consent forms. =.= I haven't seen those things in like so long and I told him that. He laughed for a while then started to mimic signing a form while saying, "I do not allow my daughter to go..." =.= I know you looking forward to signing it in a few years time lar...dun nid to start practising now. Lols.

He seemed very surprised that Tek-Media gives salary in cash. Wow. He really is blur lor...But I'm very very glad to see him again. With him there Alex also teased me less that I expected. Except for the couple of times he played with my bag, saying he hasn't seen something like it in a long time. =.= I don't believe him.

Looking back, I realised that a lot of the people I know there have very unique personalities. Kelvin is in his early thirties but still has a very refreshing boyish quality around him. As do a lot of the Jura people. All of them are over the age of being teenagers and have the maturity  that goes beyond their years but still retain a rather playful air. Even with their rather distinctive personalities. Haha. The Auntie(Ack, susan), Ah Hui(Jen), Ah Beng(Alex), Ah Se(James), Bei Hun Gia(Andrew) and Pai Gia(Nick).

Out of all of them, Andrew and Nick may be the youngest but they are definately as mature as the rest of them. They may joke around but you can see it in the way they carry themselves, behave and speak.

Poor Nick has people who talked with him believing that he's 4 years older than his actual age. Even I had a hard time believing that he was only 23. =.= Nothing to do with his looks though. He looks below 20 in fact. Lols.

Haiz...Can't wait for the school year to end. XD The first week already feels like it has been a month since school started.
I want to thank Shan for giving me a way out.


Dec. 26th, 2008

A rather pleasant surprise today. A customer came up to me and said," You were from Vivo, right?" A nod. "I bought the Delonghi machine."

Wow. It's been almost a year and he remembers. Too bad I can't remember him. Haha. I shall assume that he is not having any problems with it since he was rather friendly and nice.

It feels really good when customers bother to remember you. =D



New Year's coming up soon and it's time to say goodbye to 2008!

Really enjoyed myself during 3e6'06/4e6'07 class gathering cum christmas celebration. Haven't seen so many people for so long. Especially Kym, Julia, Deva, Jayne, Shandy, Bel and Pris. Wished Steph could have made it back from the US. =(

I looked through all the photos we took as a class. Everyone look really really happy then. There's a kind of joy that can be seen from everyone's faces. I hardly see that in recent photos anymore. Still, it was good to see everyone again.

Kelvin will be coming down tmr to pick up the PO. I seem to be seeing him every 26th Dec. Lol. At least wo ke yi gei ta yi ge jiao dai le.

Andrew is destined to be the siew mai/suay gia.


Dec. 19th, 2008

Today's one of the few days that I worked less that 30 min extra than the required timing. Si bei slow today. Yesterday was good. Ah well...Off day on wed. I meant to do something productive, aka homework. Meant to, being the keyword. In the end went to watch Journey to the centre of the earth 3D and went to night safari. Super fun but couldn't stop feeling sleepy the next day. I refrained from drinking coffee cuz Jura ppl got their D&D and leave early so don't wanna give them extra work to wash machine and I too lazy to use mine when I haven't done demo yet. Which reminds me that I better use the machine at home more often.

3E6'06/4Er'07's class gathering cum christmas party is on Sunday! Thought I wouldn't be able to go but called Kelvin to see if I can start work when the store opens.

M: Sunday ke yi zuo zao yi dian mah? Ying wei wo wan shang you shi.
K: Zuo zao? shi dian ah?
M: uhh...ke yi shi dian ah?
K: Shi dian dao wu dian...
M: Huh? Mei you mei you! shi dian dao qi dian!
K: Oohhh...ke yi ke yi.

Haha. In the end he smsed me and tell me to work from 9.30 to 6.00. =D How nice of him cuz its on a Sunday. I can reach in time for dinner! Maybe even earlier if I can catch the train and bus. Yippee. Can't wait. Haven't seen a lot of people in a long, long time. He let me change my off day to Christmas next week too. =D

On a random note, Taylor Swift's Love Story made in to #7 on 987 top 20 charts. Her other song White Horse is nice too. Just heard it a few days ago and didn't even know she was the one who sang it.